PerfectBox - low frequency Enclosure Design Software

PerfecBoxPerfectBox is a professional software for Windows x86 operating systems designed to calculate the dimensions of closed box or bass reflex enclosures. The most interesting characteristic of the software is the feature that allows to obtain the parameters of Thiele and Small from impedance measurements, previously performed on the transducers, that are necessary to calculate the box dimensions. In case you haven't got impedance measurements, you can input the Thiele & Small parameters, to realize the project, from datasheet of the manufacturer. The program PerfectBox already includes a small dabase of measurements carried on the trasducers, of the most famous Italian brands such as B & C Speakers, Eighteensound and Ciare.


  • Transducer specifications;
  • Thiele & Small parameters;
  • Mounting info (air volume occupied by the driver);
  • Settings - Air temperature, atmospheric pressure and speed of sound;
  • SPL @ 1W/1m;
  • SPL @ 1m with maximum RMS power rating;
  • Magnitude and phase transfer function;
  • Cone excursion with maximum RMS power rating;
  • Port air velocity with maximum RMS power rating;
  • Inner box dimensions;
  • Circular, square and rectangular port tuning dimensions;
  • Air volume occupied by transducer and other elements;
  • Increasing the box volume due to dampig material;
  • Option - Number of transducers (series connection, parallel connection and bi-amplified) - Thickness of box wood (minimum length of ports) - Power amplifier output impedance;
  • Simulate the overall frequency response with insertion of Low-Pass, Band-Pass, Hi-Pass, Shelving and Peaking filters;
  • Another additional feature is the possibility of add to the box frequency response also the transducer measured frequency response;
  • Relative delay finder between two sources from phase measurements.

The software calculates also the ratios between the sides of the box internal dimensions in order to avoid internal resonances.

Video tutorial with iporting impedance

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